Leadership Team Resources



BNI Connect Quick Start Guide for Vice Presidents

BNI Connect Quick Start Guide for Secretary/Treasures

BNI Connect Quick Start Guide for Visitor Hosts


  ChAPTER Operations

2022-2023 LT Mini Process Guide - Docx - BNI Business Builders

2022-2023 Chapter Operations Manual - PDF - BNI Business Builders

BNI Open Networking Manual - PDF

Resigned/Drop Member

Request for Medical Leave

VP Report

Entering PALMS Report

Assigning a Mentor/Mentee Pair

Roster Report

Meeting Notes Report

Assigning a Chapter Speaker

Member Complaint Checklist

Top Ten Professions Entry Form

Meeting Stimulants

Seven-Month Check-In Form - PDF - Membership Committee Use


  BNI Visitor HosTS

Visitor Infographic that shows the benefit of joining BNI

Visitor Host's One Sheet - PDF - Why become a Visitor Host


          Visitor's One Sheet



          President's Orientation Handout - PDF - Used after the induction meeting

          President's One Sheet - PDF - Used to explain the President expectations

          BNI Passport to Success - Interactive PDF


BNI Members renew online

  CHAPTER Documents

          BNI Passport to Success - Interactive PDF

          BNI Interview Questionnaire - Membership Committee use

          Chapter Relocation Process Checklist - Vice President and Member Use

          Contact Spheres 8 x 6 Worksheet - Interactive PDF

          Member's One Sheet - PDF - Explains the benefits of Membership



  Branding (BNI Logos, images and presentations)

BNI Brandshare Site - BNI Logos, images, virtual backgrounds, etc. - Click Here


  Chapter Social Media

Social Media Guideline for BNI Chapters - Click Here
Social Media Recruitment Campaign Graphics - Click Here



Looking to keep YOUR chapter informed on events happening in the Region?
Click here for the Regional Calendar

Having a BNI Chapter Event? Want the Regional Office Informed and to Promote it?
Click Here to get the Event promoted

BNI Event, Training and PR Coordinator explainer video
Click Here to see the video

BNI Event, Training and PR Coordinator - Event Training Tracking Worksheet
Ask your Chapter Director for the Event Training Tracking Worksheet


  BNI Online Basics

How to use BNI Online (Built on Zoom) Meeting Basics Manual PDF. Click Here


  Official BNI Timer

Google Play Store - BNI Connect Timer

Apple - IOS - BNI Connect Timer


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