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Gold Club Members in BNI

Our BNI Gold Club members add value to their chapter by increasing the contact network of every member of the chapter, which means more business for everyone!

BNI Gold Club was established to recognize those members who go the extra mile in building their chapters by introducing six or more professionals into the organization who subsequently become members.

BNI Gold Club members are easily recognizable because they wear a black name badge given to them in appreciation of their efforts. These members also enjoy the privilege of a raised profile on the BNI website, BNI Connect Global and Regional Events.

BNI Gold Club members in the BNI4Success, Greater Los Angeles Region:

Joseph Auday Rod Pyle
Ben David David Rae
Jonathan Golding Dave Rittenhouse
Edwin Hakimi Cynthia Rockwell
Joel Loquvam Doug Solarzano
Bruce Morr Natalie Sofer
Buzz Park Virginia Van Osdel


Only 10% of the people in BNI across the world have a Gold Club Membership.
To qualify for Gold Club, a member needs to sponsor at least (6) new members into BNI.

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Privacy Policy: BNI General Policy prohibits sharing of contact information without the member's prior approval. We treat your inquiry with that same policy and will not share any information outside BNI without your prior approval.


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