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Q. How do I get a website login?
A. Every new member automatically receives an email the Executive Director with a link to setup their login (user name, password, memorable question, and answer). If you didn’t receive it or need it resent contact your Director Consultant. Include your name, your chapter name, and your email address.

Q. I’m a new member, how do I get a login so I can register for Member Success Program (MSP)?
A. New members usually receive an email with a link to setup their website login within a week of being inducted. If you don't see it in your "Inbox" it might be in your spam folder. If you have been a member less than a week and are ready to register for MSP go to BNI4Success calendar, find the event you want to register for. You do not need to be logged into BNIConnect to Register for Trainings..

Q. My login link doesn’t work. How do I setup my login?
A. If you link doesn’t work please request a new link from your chapter Director Consultant. A new link will be emailed to you. Include your name and chapter name. The three most common reasons a link doesn’t work: 1). The login setup link expires after it is clicked once (whether or not a login was setup). 2). If a new link is issued any previous links will no longer work. 3). If the login was setup the link will not work (and is not needed, since the purpose of the link is to setup a login).

Q. How do I login if I forgot my user name and password?
1: go to

2: click on the words below the sign in button, that are "Forgot Password or Username" (they are in grey/white print)
3: put in the registered email address (the address entered from the application you filled out)
4: enter captcha and click Find Me
4: click on submit or email my answer (which send the memorable question answer to the registered email address (the address entered from the application you filled out) in bniconnect

Q. The lost password tool is giving me an error message when I enter my e-mail address.
A. If your email address is not recognized it’s usually because either your login was not setup or the email address in your profile is different from the email address you typed into the Lost Password tool. Contact our Operations Department, Let them know if you need a link to setup your login or need your email address updated. 

Q. My login won’t work - what’s wrong?
A. If your membership status is something other than “active” your login will not work until your membership status is “active” again. Common causes: annual membership dues are late or a member is in process transferring to another chapter.

Member Profile Page

Q. Why are my phone number and email address missing from my profile page?
A. For privacy reasons, member phone numbers and email addresses do not display on their profile page until the member updates their account settings. (Login > My Account > Account Settings). Update your account settings to enable visitors to the public site to contact you. If you update the settings to allow visitors to email you a "Send Email” button will appear on your public profile. Your email address will not be revealed on the public site. BNI members who are logged into BNIConnect will be able to view your email address if you enable this in your Account Settings.

Q. I updated my account settings; why isn’t my phone number displaying on my profile?
A. If you update (uncheck) the “Home Office” check box on the account setting page it will prevent your phone number and street address from displaying on your public member profile page. Either check the box or add your phone number to your business description (My Profile page in the My Business section.)

Q. How do I update my contact information?
A. Login then click My Account then click the Contact Details button. Click Submit to save changes.

Q. I’d like complete my profile. What information can I add and where?
A. Add your photo, business description, search words, website address, social networking links, bio, and much more. Login, click My Account, then update the following pages: Main Profile, User Profile, Contact Details, Account Settings, and Bio. The Bio page contains several sections. Data in all sections is viewable by BNI members who login to BNIConnect. The only information on the Bio page that is viewable on your public profile page is the TOPS section. Also, in the top navigation click Network the Photo Gallery to upload photos of your work. These photos are viewable by other BNI members who login to BNIConnect.

More Information on Using the Site

Q. How do I get a PALMS report, chapter roster, or visitors report?
A. Login, click the “Reports” button, the select the desired report.

Q. Using the “Find a Member” search tool, I searched by my city and I was not listed on the results page. Can you fix that?
A. You can update your profile to fix this. Login > My Account > Contact Details (telephone icon). Scroll down to the Address and Billing sections. If the city name is absent - enter it. If the city name is displaying in the Address 2 field delete it from that field and enter it in the City field.

Q. How do we get our chapter speakers listed on our chapter website?
A. Your secretary/treasurer is able to enter speakers on the website. The speakers she enters display on the Chapter home page.

Q. I emailed my chapter using the Connections tool but not everyone got it - what happened?
A. Email sent from the site will be delivered to a member's BNIConnect inbox unless the member updates their account settings. (Login > My Account > Account Settings).

If you have not yet setup your website login or have forgotten your login go to Member Login Help for instructions.

Members: Need help using this website? Contact our Operations Department,

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