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- Entering and Editing Your Personal Profile

- BNI Slips Program Overview

- Email a Visitor Invitation - Use this to send a customized and BNI branded email invitation.

- Registering a Prospective Visitor for an Upcoming Meeting - Once a  prospective visitor is registered, the Leadership Team will be notified that there is a new visitor registration.  The visitor will also be reminded 2 business days before the meeting to attend.

- Podcast Episode 350: Invite a Visitor (Get Connected - Stay Connected, Part 7)

- Online Renewals: Renewing Your Membership Online (For Members)

Chapter Operations

- Chapter Operations - Approving an Online Renewal

- Chapter Operations - Dropping a Membership

- Chapter Operations - Entering PALMS Reports

- Chapter Operations - Assigning a Speaker

- Chapter Operations - Entering a New Application

- Chapter Operations - Entering and Managing Visitors 

- Chapter Operations - Assigning a Mentor\Mentee Pair

- Chapter Reports - Roster Report

- Chapter Reports - Meeting Notes Report

- Chapter Reports - VP Report